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MathsGoGoGo Privacy Policy

Introduction: As the material on the site is intended for minors, we take privacy even more seriously than we would if it were a site for adults. For the protection of children and our staff we will only communicate with adults, so all children wishing to communicate with us must do so through their registered parent as stated in our Terms and Conditions.

Credit/Debit card information. Only Worldpay receives details of your credit/debit card. MathSphere Ltd (trading as MathsGoGoGo) neither receives, stores nor processes these details. We keep the details you give us when you start the subscription process. As a minimum we store your name, postal address, email address, password (in encrypted form), whether you wish to receive our newsletter and which price band you have subscribed for. When you subscribe, you will also have the option to type in your telephone number and fax number if you wish. The telephone number would be useful if we needed to contact you if, for instance, your email address failed and there was an issue that needed to be resolved, but you do not have to give it if you do not wish to. At any time you can access your account and change this information if you wish (including your email user name and password). Under the Data Protection legislation you are entitled to ask us to reveal what information we hold about you and for a small fee we would be happy to put this in writing, but generally this is not necessary as you can access all this information directly through your account via our site. We do not keep any personal information about you that you cannot access in this way.

Cookies. We use cookies to collect information about your use of our site and to help you get the best from your experience with us. A cookie is a small piece of text information that our site sends to your hard drive. This includes data such as which browser you are using, your computer?s IP address and some demographic information. We group this information statistically so that no individual can be identified from it and we use it to fine tune our site by, for example, providing more pages of the more popular types. This ensures that you get the best possible experience from the MathsGoGoGo site and enables us to develop the site according to your needs. If you wish, you can delete cookies at any time, but this will mean that any information we collected to improve your experience will need to be reset. For further information about cookies you may like to visit and look under the option ?manage cookies?.

What we do not do with this information. We never reveal the personal information we have about you to third parties. We never allow any of this information to be used to send you advertising about other companies? products. We never use your telephone or fax numbers to communicate with you except when all other available methods have failed and only then to deal with urgent matters relating to the MathsGoGoGo site. If we do need to telephone you we will never ask you for any details about your credit/debit card or your password.

What we will do with this information: If you have requested that you receive our occasional newsletter, we will use your email address to send it to you. You may cancel this facility at any time by going to your account on our site. We will use your email address to make initial contact if there appears to be a problem with your account or you email us first with a query. When you log into your account, we will record your login information (i.e. your email address and your password) and we will compare these with our database to ensure you are a registered member before giving you access. We will also use the data in aggregated form (i.e. in a statistical form in which no individual person can be identified) for the purposes of testing our marketing strategies, analysing the geographical location of our customers and the like.

Changes in this Privacy Policy. You will be informed of any changes in this privacy policy and once you have subscribed changes will apply to you only if they are more restrictive with what we are allowed to do with your personal information. If a less restrictive clause is inserted, this will only apply to you after we have contacted you and obtained your permission to apply this change to your account.